About Me

My name is Madina Safi. Welcome back to another successful and fun year at Glenn Arbour Academy. I am thrilled and honored to be teaching the Grade 7 program this year at GAA. This is my sixth year at GAA. I have gained experience in individualizing my program to meet the diverse needs of students, and have completed numerous courses in the sciences, technology, arts, and ethics. 

 I believe in inquiry-based learning and differentiated instruction. Research has shown that children learn best if they are given the opportunity to inquire, investigate and solve problems that reflect students’ own understanding and inquisitiveness.  Inquiry-based learning is the process of letting students be the creators of Knowledge, whereas teachers are the facilitators. I also believe that differentiated lessons are the backbone of successful teaching and learning in the classrooms. Students should be able to enjoy learning, feel important, respected and valued in the classroom. Each student has his/her own way of learning and each way of learning is a piece of the puzzle, the puzzle being an inclusive classroom, all different but incomplete without each other. 

I will work very hard to create an inclusive classroom to enable every student to reach their potential, and to incorporate strategies to accommodate every student’s needs. I believe that “Equality” is not what makes an inclusive classroom; “Equity” gives each individual student the most rewarding learning journey possible.

I also know that I will need students' trust and parents' support in order to achieve all the goals that I will set up for the upcoming year.  One of my goals to work with my students and their parents to ensure we have a successful and rewarding year. 

 In 2008, I graduated from George Mason University in Virginia, with a Bachelor Degree in biology. In 2012, I completed my Bachelor of Primary Education through Charles Sturt University in Burlington, Ontario.  I earned my Intermediate/Senior ABQ certification at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, in the summer of 2012. Over the summer I completed my Special Education Part 1 qualification and it proved to be a very rewarding experience. 

 I am married, with a 5 year old daughter. I speak Urdu, Farsi, Hindi and English.  I am an avid reader and enjoy Greek Art and Mythology. My other hobbies include spending time with my family and camping.

  I'm looking forward to a great year full of fun and lots of learning!


 “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they


-Ignacio Estrada

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher ... is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’”

-Maria Montessor