Grade 8 Science

Science Fair- bring all materials needed to put together your boards on Tuesday, February 20th. 

You will also have 2 periods to work on your Research Paper on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 20th and 21st here at school (bring any information you have collected and will need to work with)

Unit 3 Systems in Action

PowerPoint 1


Unit 2 (Fluids) Test on Thursday, February 8th

Study Guide



Review Chapter 9 PowerPoint slides 1-11 and come up with 5 questions!! Due Monday, January 15th.


Science Fair Handout

Science Fair Letter

Unit 2

Fluids Unit test : Chapter 7 PowerPoint and Chapter 8 PowerPoint 1 and textbook pages 188, 189, 194-196

Fluids Unit Test: Chpater 8 PowerPoint 2 textbook pages 208-209, 219-221

Unit 2- Chapter 7  PowerPoint

Chapter 8 PowerPoint 1

Chapter 8 PowerPoint 2

Chapter 9 PowerPoint 1

Chapter 9 PowerPoint 2

Viscosity Experiment Recording Sheet



Textbook: Cells Unit 

Unit Test Study Guide

 Cells PowerPoint Slides

Mitosis PowerPoint Slides

The Incredible Cell Project Outline and Rubric  due WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18TH.

Homework to complete the online quiz due Wednesday, NOvember 1st. 

Go to: and enter the code: 799339