French Website Link: gaafrench.educatorpages.com


Language: Spelling Test on Monday, March 26th

Speeches due by Tuesday, March 27th. 

Math: 19B on Monday, April 2nd




Practice Set: All

Written Practice: odd or all

Practice Test: 18A Questions 11-15

Power Up Problem->


Science: Start working on Types of Structures handout, as you will need to teach the topic to an adult by Thursday. The quiz will be handed out on Thursday to be taken home and will be due Friday, March 9th. 


Language: Work on your speeches and have your 3 arguments backing up your topic ready by Thursday. 

Life of Pi: Read pages 105-221

                    Review Pages 121-128


Health:  Case Study

Helpful link for kids to refer to when you have questions about bullying or any concerns. Click Here


History: Click Here